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Enrollment Options

Option 1: Year-round weekly lessons, Adults are automatically enrolled in this option.
Option 2: Weekly private lessons and group music enrichment during the months of August through May and is intended for youth. These enrichment classes are given to replace the lessons which would have been taught during June and July. For option 2 students, billing continues during all 12 months.
Option 3: An introductory experience for all ages. Option 3 is a six lesson mini-course, where each lesson is thirty minutes, in any area of study offered at The Academy. Payment for the mini-course is made before lessons begin.

Instructional Costs

One free, introductory lesson is offered to any new student. If the student is more comfortable, this meeting may take the form of a getting to know you visit with the teacher.
Upon enrollment, there is a one-time registration fee of $25.00. Students need not re-enroll every year.

Monthly tuition is $105.00 per month, which equals $26.25 per half hour lesson, $52.50 per hour. (Special promotions and other discounts may apply.) Tuition is based on 48 half hour lessons per year. 40 lessons are given during the months of August through May and 8 lessons during June and July. Summer lessons may be arranged to accommodate student and teacher summer plans, with the consent of both parties. Students enrolled in option 2 understand the Enrichment Classes they attended during the school year have already made up the instructional time for June and July.

As is true with any business, the timely receipt of account payments is very important. Tuition and other fees charged by The Academy are due on the first day of each month. There is a grace period of ten days offered during which payments may be made. Any account still outstanding after the 10th of the month is subject to a late fee of $10.00. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into account but must be registered in The Academy office with advanced permission being granted.

Monthly tuition is based on 4 lessons per month. In most months, there is a fifth Monday, or a fifth Tuesday, etc. There is no extra charge for these fifth lessons, when they occur. These lessons are counted as make-ups for breaks observed by the academy: Christmas break, Spring break, etc. Every year, care in planning the calendar is given to insure that all students are fairly treated in this respect.

Missed Lessons

Every student is allowed two make-up lessons per semester, fall and spring, for missed private instruction. For lessons missed by a student, it is the responsibility of the adult student or student's parent to contact the teacher and schedule a makeup. Any lesson missed by a teacher will be rescheduled and made up. If a student is absent for a make-up lesson, no further lesson will be scheduled. No make-ups are scheduled for Enrichment Class absence. Note: Tuition is never adjusted for lessons missed by student or teacher.

Important note: Each Teacher will inform the students in his or her studio as to how much advance notice must be given for canceling a lesson. Any lesson missed without advance notice is considered unexcused. No make-up will be scheduled for such. Emergency situations are excepted.

Inclement Weather: In the event of snow, ice, or other hazardous conditions, you will find a message at The Academy phone number (738-0920) with information regarding closings and times to reopen.

Student Evaluations

Practice: Each teacher will inform his or her students of practice requirements and expectations. In the case of students who are habitually under-prepared for lessons, The Academy supports the teacher's decision to assign the student to a practice room for a portion of the lesson time.

Performances: Performing is an important part of training for musicians of any age. Carolina Music Academy hosts winter and spring recitals and encourages all students to participate. Students may be asked to take part in additional performances as they are scheduled.

Progress Reports: The Academy likes for parents to be informed about their child's progress. Upon request, reviews will be conducted and student evaluations issued. Parents are encouraged to communicate observations, questions, or concerns to the teacher as needed.


A written notice of thirty days is required to terminate one's association with The Academy. Notice should be received at the first of a month for withdrawal planned for the first of the next month. For example, should one wish to withdraw on October first, the written notice should be in the office by September first. During this period, one may choose to attend lessons or not. Should the student or parent of a minor student decide not to attend the lessons, the notice period remains and charges apply.

General Calendar

Calendars showing all lesson dates are available from The Academy office, and special event reminders are posted on the office door or on the adjacent bulletin board. It should be noted that The Academy is not closed for every school holiday in every school district in the area, nor for all holidays taken by parochial or private schools. Please be prepared to attend your lesson according to the CMA calendar. Feel free to call The Academy office with any specific questions (738-0920).